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Targets rilasciati nel giugno 2010 meravigliosamente ri-realizzatisi (vedasi chart 2010) nel corrente mese (come precedentemente avvenuto nel nov.2011).
Ora si profila una preliminare rottura del precedente minimo storico; tale rottura, in caso di validazione, potrebbe innescare una insideannuale ribassista (2009 contenitiva del 2010 & 2011) assolutamente interessante in direzione ribassista.
Il GraphicalƉetonator sarebbe rappresentato da una struttura grafica di breve termine (2011/2012), ovvero una coppa invertita basata sulla neck-line in area 9.6/9.8$ circa.
La non tenuta della neck potrebbe innescare un SellOff con due possibili targets:
numerico, a quota 3.10$;
percentuale, a quota 5.77$.
Alert massimo quindi sulla evoluzione prezzi sulla neck-line 9.6/9.8$.

Perfect World Co., Ltd., incorporated in June 2006, is an online game developer and operator in People’s Republic of China. The Company primarily develops online games based on its game engines and game development platforms. Its technology capabilities consist of its game engines, game development platforms and real-time anti-cheating , all developed and built by its development team. The Company operates in two segments: PRC operations and International operations. Its Angelica three dimensional (3D) game engine enables the Company to create 3D graphics with visual effects and provides the technical foundation for realizing features in the game environment. In November 2011, the Company established NGL Co., Ltd. jointly with Nexon Korea Corporation, to manage and operate online games in Korea. In August 2011, the Company sold the film and television businesses.

The Company has developed, operated and distributed seven 3D multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), Perfect World, Legend of Martial Arts, Perfect World II, Zhu Xian, Chi Bi, Pocketpet Journey West and Forsaken World, one 3D online casual game, Hot Dance Party, two 2.5D MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals and Empire of the Immortals, one two dimensional (2D) turn-based MMORPG, Fantasy Zhu Xian, and one 2D real-time MMORPG, Dragon Excalibur. All of its 3D games are developed by using its Angelica 3D game engine. Battle of the Immortals and Empire of the Immortals are developed by using its Cube 2.5D game engine. Fantasy Zhu Xian is developed using its EPARCH 2D game engine. Dragon Excalibur is developed using its Raider 2D game engine.

Perfect World is an adventure and fantasy game with traditional Chinese settings. Players can take on various roles, including swordsmen, magicians, archers, priests and magical creatures. Players can also design and customize the appearance and characteristics of their characters and roles. Perfect World offers a range of features, such as day-and-night shifting and weather effects and changes. Perfect World offers 3D graphics. The Company developed Legend of Martial Arts based on a television drama series. Its Legend of Martial Arts is an adventure story of Chinese swordsmen set in an ancient kingdom. It is designed to provide a light-hearted and less intense game environment than Perfect World. The storyline of Perfect World II is set in a similar content and graphic background as Perfect World. Its Zhu Xian was developed based on an Internet novel with the same name. The story concept of Zhu Xian is martial arts focused adventure set in a fantasy world.

The Company’s Chi Bi is a war story developed based on the well-known period in ancient Chinese history known as the Three Kingdoms. This game is designed to include various in-game weapons and large-scale map of the game environment in a historical cultural setting. Game players can freely choose to join any of the Three Kingdoms, i.e., Wei, Shu, or Wu, and are provided with experience of the historical battles of the Three Kingdoms period. It co-promoted Chi Bi alongside the movie Red Cliff, which has the same Chinese names as Chi Bi, in China. Hot Dance Party allows players to enjoy dancing game play in a captivating 3D game environment with a variety of background music choices. Pocketpet Journey West is a pet-themed 3D MMORPG and is developed based on Journey to the West, one of the four novels of Chinese literature. The game is designed to include adventurers adapted from the novel. Battle of the Immortals enables game players to travel between Eastern and Western cultures, featuring themes ranging from Norse mythology to the history of China’s Qin Dynasty.

Fantasy Zhu Xian is the Company’s first 2D turn-based MMORPG, which is based on the same Internet fantasy novel Zhu Xian as its 3D MMORPG Zhu Xian. Forsaken World is a 3D MMORPG set against the backdrop of a fantasy world called Grand Mundo, where players themselves alter the fate of Grand Mundo through their individual actions in the game. The game features elements, such as rule of time, rule of space, magic and divinity. Dragon Excalibur is a 2D real-time MMORPG set against a backdrop based on ancient Chinese mythology. It features lustrous visual effects, clan battles that blend Eastern and Western fighting styles, diversified pet systems, and classes and skills. Empire of the Immortals is the second 2.5D MMORPG in its Immortals franchise.

The Company competes with Shanda Games, NetEase, Changyou, Giant Interactive, Nineyou, The9, Tencent, Kingsoft and NetDragon.

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